• How do I know if I’m working with a conflicted broker or banker as opposed to a Registered Investment Advisor?

    You must look at the fine print.  A broker or bank’s website will include variations of the phrase, “investment products are offered through…”; or “x is a registered representative of….”; or “x is a registered broker-dealer”; or, “insurance and annuity products are offered through…” in the fine print of the web page.  Fireside Capital Advisors does not sell, or offer, investment products, insurance, or annuities.

    Any of these are a possible indication that you’re being sold a product as opposed to being given conflict-free advice.

  • Why doesn’t Fireside Capital Advisors hold custody of my accounts and assets?

    Registered Investment Advisors are not allowed to hold client assets.  The separation of advice from asset custody adds a layer of protection and security to your accounts that’s not available from a broker or bank.  Your accounts are held in your name with a third-party custodian (TD Ameritrade Institutional, TDAI).  You will receive a monthly account statement from TDAI to verify the balances and transactions in your account.